Automatic Car Rental Optional Extras

When booking car hire, you should of course consider the price. Our cost comparison model is based primarily towards comparing prices, this is what is considered the most important factor for our users.

There are though a number of other extras and points you should look at before booking and in some cases these effect the true cost of the car rental.

Car Rental Insurance Costs

Firstly I am sure many a reader will be crying out insurance. We have a single low daily refundable excess insurance available. This covers you for the total excess amount as well as extras such as key cover.

So what should you consider? Well it comes down to what you need from your trip and rental car, what mileage are you looking to do and also the use in terms of your party.

Fuel policy is a big one, if you are going to be using the car a lot and over a longer period then full to empty could work for you. No hassle in terms of filling the rental car up on return and in truth the premium on the tank of fuel is not in all cases excessive compared to pump prices.

Most prefer full to full though and this is something displayed in the terms and conditions and should be part of your judgement on which supplier or rental car to book.

Additional Driver Policies

How many drivers do you need for the hire car? Some suppliers offer free additional drivers and some have higher costs per day than others to register an additional driver. If you want another member of your party to drive then consider this as you book.

Also remember the additional driver will need all their documentation and be at the automatic car rental counter with you to sign on. If they are arriving later you will probably be able to go back to the desk to sign them on if the desk is open, again please check the terms and conditions.

Car Hire Child Seats

Any children travelling with you? We always recommend bringing your own child seats or boosters but you can hire them locally for a daily fee. Yes again these vary from supplier to supplier so again check the terms and conditions and consider these in the total price and car selection.

This is true for all additional equipment with winter fees charged for snow chains and such so look carefully at what you need.

How much space do you need?

Finally the space you need. This is not just in terms of comfort for the passengers which would make you book a larger car but in terms of equipment

Take ski car hire for example, an intermediate estate can carry your skis and equipment no problem and will be cheaper than a compact sized car with a ski rack rental. Also it will be much more comfortable for your party to travel in.

Take some paper and write down exactly what you need from your car hire and factor in your requirements in the total price displayed.

Compare automatic car hire prices even from the same car hire brokers as they may be from different suppliers and have different terms and inclusions. Remember car hire brokers work with multiple suppliers even in a single airport location.