Automatic Car Hire Broker

Booking through a car hire broker is an excellent way of saving money, it is in most circumstances a way of getting a car with a major supplier without paying the direct prices. Brokers shift large amounts of rental volume and tout business between suppliers to get low net rates.


The suppliers are attracted to this as it is a great way of pushing volume, sustaining fleet levels, gaining a new customer base as well as the broker taking care of the “front line” of customer care.

You may end up away from a major supplier in car hire hotbeds like Alicante Airport especially if you looking for the “lead in” priced cars. If you want to end up with a larger supplier when booking through a car hire broker then study the terms and conditions.

Fuel Policy

A full to full fuel policy within the terms and conditions is an excellent indicator of a larger worldwide supplier.

When booking through a car hire broker you must remember that your original contract is with the broker and not the car hire supplier. You may have signed an agreement when you picked up the car but factors such as the rate code you are on are prevalent to the broker. S

If you need to extend your cheap automatic car rental, contact the broker and not the supplier or local desk. The large brokers we work with have international numbers for you to contact for any concerns. If you go to the supplier you may have to go back to the airport and sign a new agreement which could be at their higher daily rate.

Contact the broker

If you contact the broker they can extend the rental for you at the original rate and you may not have to return to the rental desk. If you are returning early, also contact the broker although I know a lot will not give refunds after a car is returned early so please contact them as early as possible!

When something goes wrong, contact the broker first as they have a faster route to the supplier than you as a single customer. Although it may not have anything to do with them, in most circumstances they will be more than happy to advise and help where they can.

Finally brokers will have different amendment and cancellation policies than the supplier you have ended up with. You cannot contact the supplier direct to amend or cancel as they will not touch the booking. So if you are unsure or need to amend a booking, look at these policies within our terms and conditions when booking you car rental through Automatic Car Hire.