Common Automatic Car Hire Issues

The pitfalls of car hire are greatly exaggerated with many misconceptions about car hire companies looking for damage as a way to making money. The truth is that car rental fleet managers would prefer to keep their fleet in top condition and not remove any cars for repairs.

A car lost from the fleet is a car not available for rental. Bear in mind also that the car would have already been booked for clients and with it out of the fleet, a replacement must be found from other locations which in turn has costs associated.

Empty of Full?

One thing that does irk many a customer is the full to empty fuel tank. We at Automatic Car Hire listen to the feedback from our customers gained from an email sent out a few days after you return the car.

It simply asks for a couple of star ratings based on your experience and also a free fill form where you can tell us in more detail of anything on your mind.

It is here that we have found that insurance and fuel policies are problems for a proportion of car renters worldwide. Please bear in mind that as a cost comparison model featuring brokers, we have an excellent mix of suppliers worldwide to gauge a genuine feedback model.

Fuel Policies

Firstly lets talk about the fuel policies as this is something that you can weigh up before travelling. As we have said many times before, please check the terms and conditions before booking as it is here that the fuel policy of the chosen car hire supplier is featured.

Full to empty does have advantages especially for long rentals and high mileage rentals. If you are only driving to a villa for a few days, you are going to need a full to full hire car.

Remember the cheapest is not always the best option for you when you take into account the full package of costs.

Automatic Car Hire Insurance

Lastly the insurance, if you have take our refundable excess insurance, you do not have to take any additional insurance when you pick the car up. Remember car rental staff are normally incentivised to sell insurance so they may put pressure on you or give you the hard sell.

Simply turn down all insurances and pick the car up as is. Any talk of not being able to do this is completely false and should be taken up with the desk representative’s supervisor. Don’t be bullied you are completely covered!